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KHALSA VAHEER UK Started on the 14/05/2023 in Birmingham UK , we joined the car rally of our brothers & sisters from multiple gurdwaras (sikh temples) the last destination was @gngsmethwick where an amrit sanchar took place (those who get blessed by the 5 pyare and become baptised sikhs)

This is in a solidarity with Bhai Amritpal singh and the singhs / kaurs in our homeland Panjab whom were taking the youth off drugs which is a huge problem in panjab right now as the government of hindustan are feeding panjab with the drug not to just make money but also to create another genocide of the sikh youth .

Bhai Amritpal singh ji was taking the youth off these drugs and bringing them back into sikhi to follow religious ways and to do seva and become sevadaars of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj .

The government didnt like this hence why they arrested bhai saab ji and the sevadaars .

We must all come together and show solidarity with them its our duty and its in our blood!!


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